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DIY Conveyancing

DIY (Do It Yourself, for those of you who obviously don’t!) dates as far back as the 1950’s but over the past ten or so years everyone seems to have joined in; doing it themselves in all manner of ways. Landscaping the garden, retiling the bathroom, paving the driveway and dare I say it… acting as a conveyancer when purchasing their home or investment property.

Whilst digging in the wrong spot can be blamed on the dog when you’re landscaping, mosaics are popular in some wet areas and parking on the lawn is always an option completing your own settlement is a definite no, no.

A conveyancer or settlement agent (yes, they are the same thing), is experienced in the settlement of properties and as all well-informed DIYers know properties are not the same, which means that different processes, searches and contacts need to be made … depending on the property type.

Settlement agents head into work each day to settle properties, they don’t do it on the weekend, when they have time to spare. Not, like building the new BBQ or putting up the shed. They know what they are doing and they follow the relevant policies and processes to a tee. Meaning their clients are in safe hands because they practice due diligence.

Legal action is something we all try to avoid, regardless of our DIY skills, and by employing a conveyancer the legal documents required to complete a settlement will be accurate, contain the relevant information, be signed by the appropriate persons involved in the transaction and be lodged on time. Which means you won’t incur penalties or legal action against you.

Sounding good?
Then get stuck into your DIY whilst a fully qualified conveyancer completes your settlement; no mess, no stress.