Helpful Tips

Investing in property is not as simple as finding a property, securing a loan and putting tenants in it. There are other things you also need to consider and organise. So, let’s have a look at some property investment tips…

1. Maximise your tax benefit and consider buying a brand new property

2. Buying in a recognised developing areas should help you to maximise capital growth

3. Talking about better capital growth… buy houses as a first choice!

4. Maximise the property’s appeal by buying in the median price range for the locality

5. Do your research and get the right finance package

6. Use a professional conveyancer to complete your settlement… Real Asset Conveyancing is a perfect choice!

7. Make sure all of the right property checks are conducted… ask your conveyancer about this

8. Use the right accountant; one who is experienced in property investment

9. Arrange the correct, insurance packages

10. Employ the right property manager; one who has your interest at heart not the tenants

11. Hold onto the property long term in order to maximise your return on investment

12. Refinance when it is necessary; speak to your accountant

13. Seek guidance from professionals when making any decision in relation to property investment